Sutton CABx and the environment

Sutton CABx and the environmentSutton Borough CABx Service is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. The City Bridge Trust funded an independent environment audit by 3 Acorns Home and Business Eco Audits. We are currently putting the auditor's recommendations into practice. We have for example started printing all of our documents on double sided paper and are encouraging our team members to cycle or use public transport rather than drive

Ecolocal, Sutton's centre for environmental advice and services have provided the following ideas- a green lifestyle can save you money!

Turning down your thermostat by 1C you could cut your heating bills by 10 per cent.

It's easy to switch to green electricity so that you are buying your electricity from a company that uses or invest in renewable sources. Find your local green supplier at

Travelling by public transport saves up to 3 times the amount of carbon dioxide from a car journey. Plan your journey and down load bus timetables via the Smarter Travel Sutton website.

You actually breathe in 3 times more air pollution inside a car than you do walking on the pavement.

Food is responsible for the largest single contribution (25%) to your carbon footprint.

Buy British or local food as often as possible to cut food miles. Visit the Farmers Market in Wallington on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Find out how to grow your own food in your back garden or on an allotment. Sutton families can join the Beanstalk Project for free, to get free seeds and come to fun gardening sessions. http// or

Recycling is good for climate change as it reduces the energy needed to make new things. To find out how to recycle everything from aluminium cans to toys in Sutton visit the recylcing guide .

To give away all sorts of items that you no longer want, but don't want to landfill, join the free online Yahoo group Sutton Freecycle - and you might find somebody is giving away something that you want.

Find out how wildlife friendly your garden is using the online quiz at

Find out more about local environmental issues, get a free newsletter and invites to free talks and social activities at suttongreendrinks

Get ideas on how to make and install your own solar water heating for cheap hot water solarheating